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At Chairman Title of Florida LLC the customer always comes first, and we constantly strive to exceed your expectations! Our attention to service and quality has allowed us to stand head and shoulders above the rest of the industry.  As a full service title company, Chairman Title of Florida LLC is committed to providing protection from any loss that may occur from issues attached with the title to your property.


With our wide range of products and services, you're sure to find exactly what you're looking for. If you require assistance, our qualified staff here at Chairman Title of Florida LLC is ready to provide you with expert guidance.


Our competitive pricing will help expedite your transaction. We know that closing costs can be troublesome to new homebuyers and existing home owners. At Chairman Title of Florida LLC, we take pride in our low overhead and marketing budgets in order assist in giving you savings!

How can Chairman Title of Florida LLC save you money?


In addition to the cost of the title insurance premium, title insurance providers are allowed to charge various other closing fees, the cost of which is typically not regulated.  While many of the additional fees charged by title insurance providers are legitimate, the amount charged is in many cases excessive or at least higher than what Chairman Title of Florida LLC charges for the same service. 

What is Title Insurance?

Title insurance is protection against loss arising from problems connected to the title of your property.


Before you purchased your home, it may have gone through several ownership changes, and the land on which it stands went through many more. There may be a weak link at any point in that chain that could emerge to cause trouble. For example, someone along the way may have forged a signature in transferring title. Or there may be unpaid real estate taxes or other liens. Title insurance covers the insured party for any claims and legal fees that arise out of such problems.


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